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Hair Loss Products

A Wide Variety of Hair Loss Products

Use Our Hair Loss Products

Are you worried about your hair loss due to cancer treatment? Don't panic. Allow the staff at Essentials For The Special Woman to advise you. We have several hair loss options available for you throughout your treatment process. Depending on your requirement, we can suggest a multitude of wig styles and colors.

If you're unsure about how to select a wig, Essentials For The Special Woman can provide you with personalized fittings and wig care guidance to ensure that your new wig will not only be comfortable but also long-lasting.

We Work With Major Insurance Companies

Are you not sure if your new wig is covered by your insurance company? Please ask an Essentials For The Special Woman associate for more information concerning the Connecticut state law and insurance coverage.

We work with major insurance companies and can help you in all matters related to your coverage. 

A Wide Range of Wig Alternatives

If you are not interested in purchasing a wig but are still looking for headwear options, we can help you. Our boutique has an extensive variety of hats, scarves, and turbans for every occasion.
Essentials For The Special Woman also carries eyebrow and eyelash alternatives, for cancer patients who are experiencing more comprehensive hair loss.
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